i118b is part of Norton® i-Series that combines state of the art power electronics, advanced Digital Signal Processing and the finest acoustic technology engineered in a way no more complicated than necessary. i-Series sound excellency, as in all Norton® products, is the direct consequence of the exhaustive research on hard-to-describe acoustic characteristics. As a consequence, none of the ordinary catalog technical specifications will prepare you in any way to the exemplary Norton®i-Series sonic performance.

In order to deliver the best sound quality, i-Series loudspeakers are designed to be exclusively driven by Norton® ND2 or CF10 power amplifiers that integrates all the required signal processing and firmware.

The i118b is a very accurate low distortion and high output   bass subwoofer that delivers consistent performance down to 35Hz in a very compact enclosure. The i118b contains a single high power and long excurtion18" LF transducer integrated into an optimally tuned bass-reflex enclosure and is intended to reproduce the lowest frequencies reliably, consistently and with great fidelity. The i118b could be used stand-alone or in bass-arrays with controlled directivity. Combined with i12 the i118b forms a multi-way system that delivers an amazing combination of fidelity, depth and impact.

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Technical Info

Usable Bandwidth: 33 Hz - 200 Hz
Nominal Directivity: OMNI
SPL: 99 dB
Maximum Continuous SPL: 128 dB / 1 m
Power Handling: 1000 W AES


LF: 1 X 18

Physical Data

Width: 637 mm

Height: 540 mm

Depth: 750 mm

Weight: 45,0 Kg

Material: baltic birch plywood

Connections: 2 x 4 pin speakon