i12 is part of Norton i-Series that combines state of the art power electronics, advanced Digital Signal Processing and the finest acoustic technology engineered in a way no more complicated than necessary.

i-Series sound excellency, as in all Norton products, is the direct consequence of the exhaustive research on hard to describe acoustic characteristics. As a result, none of the ordinary catalog technical specifications will prepare you in any way to the exemplary Norton i-Series sonic performance. In order to deliver the best sound quality, i-Series loudspeakers are designed to be exclusively driven by Norton ND2 or CF10 power amplifiers that integrate all the required signal processing and firmware. i12 is a coaxial device with a single point-source radiation. All frequencies emanate from the exact same point producing a coherent wave-front across the entire frequency range and a smooth transition between the low and high frequencies without the polar interference typical of the two origin-points in the traditional speaker-horn combinations. With optimal vocal intelligibility and exceptionally regular response in frequency and time, i12 delivers good sound in all musical styles. From the clean and intimate jazz voices to the most complex and demanding Dj samples, i12 is an extraordinary performer. The i12 remarkable flexibility allows a broad range of sound reinforcement solutions in short and mid throw applications. i12 could be used stand-alone or as part of a small array or distributed system. It can also be configured as a multi-way system with other i-Series high pressure sub bass models in order to create the ultimate full range sound system. 




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Technical Info

Usable Bandwidth: 60 Hz - 20 KHz
Nominal Directivity: 80° Conical
SPL: 100 dB
Maximum Continuous SPL: 128dB / 1 m
Power Handling: 800 W AES


LF: 1 X 12
HF: 1 X 3

Physical Data

Width: 360 mm

Height: 500 mm

Depth: 406 mm

Weight: 19,0 Kg

Material: baltic birch plywood

Connections: 2 x 4 pin speakon